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Advanced Chemistry Rotor-Based Solution

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Advanced Chemistry Rotor-Based Solution 

For routine laboratory diagnostics, the Element RC offers a modern rotor-based chemical solution. The clinical chemistry analyzer has a straightforward workflow and load-and-go operation. The latest chemical and electrolyte analyzer from scil has exceptional diagnostic capability despite its diminutive size. The wide color touch screen offers an intuitive menu with time-saving measurement processes. Well-known absorption spectroscopy guarantees exceptional precision. Within 12 minutes, 15 parameters return results. 

The Element RC is a suitable option for all veterinary clinics. 

Best Process for your Clinic 

The Element RC provides exceptional performance for all of your chemistry and electrolyte testing requirements. The load-and-go procedure and quick measurement time make running patient samples simple. The Element RC diagnostic profile requires only 100 l of lithium heparin in whole blood, lithium heparin plasma, or serum. For your daily routine and laboratory diagnostics, rely on results that are dependable and accurate. The Element RC facilitates a two-way data transmission with the practice management software. Results and pre-installed analyzer-specific reference ranges can be transferred straight to your practice management software. 

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Element RC
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